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People experience emotional healing and reduced distress within a safe, therapeutic relationship with a therapist who is both skilled and caring. My psychotherapy model is:

  • Evidence-based: based on the most current research on what works in reducing distress and promoting well-being​

  • Holistic: an understanding of how the mind, body, and life spirit of a person are inseparable

  • Mindfulness-based and experiential: promoting gentle awareness of present experience, particularly of one's inner world (emotions, thoughts, sensations)

I offer individual, family, and group psychotherapy for a wide range of mental health problems and distress. My psychotherapy groups are based on the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy model for depression and anxiety.

Click here for information about upcoming mindfulness therapy groups and workshops.

Call or email to make an appointment for individual or family therapy.

Center for Well-being*

9246-B Mosby St.

Manassas, VA 20110


[email protected]