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New group classes available for Adults and Teens - see below

Feeling anxious and stressed are common human experiences. So is feeling down or depressed at times. However, if you feel these often and sense that your distress is interfering with your ability to experience ease and wellbeing in your life, then learning mindfulness skills can help. When faced with ongoing stressful situations and chronic distress we often employ unhelpful ways to cope, including excessive worry, unhealthy behaviors, and numbing out. Fortunately, we now have positive mental health programs using mindfulness-based and cognitive behavioral psychology that can change these states of mind.

My mindfulness-based group programs are based on the MBSR, MBCT, and MBSR-T(Teens) training models. These programs are:

  • Evidence-based: based on extensive research on what works to reduce anxiety and distress and increase well-being. These programs incorporate elements of cognitive behavioral therapy to bring about a different way of relating to thoughts, feelings, and even sensations (such as pain).

  • Holistic: an understanding of how the mind, body, and life spirit of a person are inseparable. These programs promote intentionality to our self care, resulting in greater self-compassion and healing.

  • Mindfulness-based and experiential: involving getting out of one's head and back into direct experiencing of one's life. Mindfulness-based programs promote bringing gentle awareness to present experience, including one's inner world (emotions, thoughts, sensations), which revives connection, aliveness, and better problem solving.

I offer class/group programs, both online and in-person, for adults and teens.

I also offer tailored mindfulness psychology workshops and training for businesses, schools, and other organizations. 

New Upcoming Classes: 

Mindfulness for Teen Stress - a six-week online group program

Dates and Times TBA

Click here to learn more.


MBCT for Adults - a seven week online group program for adults with anxiety and/or feelings of stress or depression

Wednesdays: Time TBA, May 24 to July 5

Orientation: Wednesday May 17, 4:00-4:45

Click here to learn more.

Call or email to learn more:

Phone: (571) 248-2145​

Email: [email protected]